Waterloo Page 6

Starting from this end (Top) No2 Mr,Mrs Weir,No 4 Mr Frank Scott, No 6 Mr Mrs A Laird, No8 Mr Mrs J Sneddon No 10 Mrs Alexander, No 12 

Mr T Chalmers. No  14 Mr Mrs J Rielly No 16 Mr Mrs W Hutchison, No 18 Mr Mrs M Quigley , No 20 Mrs R Speedie, No 22 Mrs Paterson, No 24

Mrs Morrison No 26 Mrs Speedie , No 28 Mr Mrs Moffat,  No 30 Mrs Wright, No 32 Mr Mrs Hyslopm  No 34 Mr Mrs J Bell No 36 Mr Collins Snr No 38

Mr Mrs J Collins Jr oNo 40 Mr   Mrs W Elliot, No42Mr Coulter, No44 Mrs Cruikshanks No 46Mrs Prentice, No 48 Mr Mrs J McRoberts, No 50 Mr Mrs

Knox, No 52 Mr T Bell, No 54 Mrs Jardin, Mo 56  Mrs Jordan, No 58  Mr Mrs Hunter, No 60 Mrs Brown No  62 Mr Mrs F Leonard, No  64 Higgins, No 66<r Mrs Hastie, 68 Mr Mrs M Rieley  No 70 Mr Mrs W McEwan, No 72 Mr MrsS McReady, No 74 Mr Scott, No 76 Mr Mrs W Nelson, No 78 Mr Mrs Peter Quigley  No 80 Mr s Arnott, No 82 Mrs Rintoul No 84 Mr Mrs J Marshall,,.........

Here we have a photo of Wull Higgins,Findlay Higgins,Mrs Hastie, Mary Higgins and Dan Leonard, from No 62, 64, & 66 in the Row Dan in later years Married and went to live in Newarthill Lanarkshire.

                                                                   Findlay Higgins and Robert Hastie,  No 64,  66 

  This is a Photo of Wull McEwan from  No 70 in Bartonhall Row standing at the spot at the Garrion Bridge where he loved to Fish 

A picture of the Rieley Fanilly  who lived at 68 Bartonhall Row taken in the early 1900s Left js Michael  Snr , James,(who went to Prestonpans), Maryann holding baby Margaret 

               Maryann Rieley, Martha Rieley, Mrs P Quigley from Nos 68 & 78 Bartonhall Row

on the left are Lilly Tweedlie, Sadie Cullen, Margaret Kane and Jean Nichol Having a game at the rear of the Longraw

On the right are Jeannie Speirs with son Robert and Daughter June  in the garden at the rear of No 74 

My Grandmother Mrs Mary Rieley Quigley and my Grandfather Peter Quigley from 78 Bartonhall Row Waterloo    1897 

                        Uncle Neil Quigley with My Gran at rear of  No 78, Neil Played for Waterloo United when they won the Barrs Cup in 1933

                            He also played for Royal Albion. 

                       Coltness Brass Band on an outing, the only name known is  J Arnott who came from No 80 Bartonhall Row Centre Left 

                                                                                         The "Longraw" is Awa this is what left 

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