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Bartonhall Row Waterloo Better known as the "Longraw" Built in 1861 it had 42 Houses No from 2  to 84

Mr and Mrs Joseph Reilly who lived at No 14 Bartonhall Row 

John and Edward Quigley from 18 Bartonhall Row  Photo taken in 1932 

The Quigley Familly from No 18 with relatives from Glasgow

rear Michael (Father), Mary (Mother) Jean Odonnell, Dan Quigley, Edward Odonnell,,Front, Maryellen Quigley, John Quigley, and Frank Odonnell,. 

Mr John Bell and Familly who lived at No 34   

Jimmy ang Maggie Alexander (Maggie Coulter)  at No 42 Bartonhall Row 


Peter Sneddon Who lived at No 8 Bartonhall Row, Whilst on Active Service , Was Killed guarding Food Trains in Germany 1945 

A Group of Longraw Residents in the 1930s,Front Row

W Alexander, G Hastie, J Coulter, Baby Tom Nelson, Middle

 Lilly Marshall, Babs& Maisie  Hastie Next Up, Nan Moffat, Jimmy Marshal, Wukkie Nelson, John Rintoul, Top Robert Hastie

A photo of Jessie Hutchison (Mrs G Hendry) Who had lived with her Familly at 16 Bartonhall Row The Familly Maggie, Wull (Marine) Tommy, Alec, Wullie, Robert ,Jim. 

More of the Bell  Familly Mary pictured here with Greta and Georgina  from No 34 

W McCluckie and Wullie Elliot at his pidgeon loft, And his Son Lyndsay with his Familly outside No  40 Bartonhall Row 

No More "Longraw" this is how it now looks 

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