Overtown cross 1912

Looking along Main St Overtown towards Waterloo , Girdwoods Pub on Left 

    Virw from Railbridge along Main St to Overtown Cross 

                               Overtown Primary School situated across the road from Overtown Miners Welfare 

A Picture of the 1910 Intake at Overtown Primary, Rear, L to R .Liz Boyde,Ann McDougal, Ann Lawson, Mr Broadbent, (Teacher), <iz Hill,

Julia Ewing,  M Hyslop, 2nd row,Martha Barratt, Jean Dobbie, Grace Smith, Beth Kenneday, (Unknown)Mary Cleland, Dorithy Paterson,

Agness Ewing,. ,. 3rd row left to right  L Boyde, Kate Moffat, Kate Crawford , M McQuade, (Unknown), Mary Jardine, (unlnown), (unknown),

Sadie Clarke , Two Girls at front unknown...

The 1920s Intake at Overtown School, Top Row six alongm Meg Russell, Second Row six along Jean Shirret, (Mrs Hutchison) Front Row

2nd Ella Bruce,  4th Mildred Jack, others unknown photo from  Mrs McCalum , Waterloo

                                 An Old photo of the original Miners Welfare at Overtown built  early 1920s

A picture of some of the local dignataries  at the opening of the Miners Welfare Overtown The only names known are seated 4th from left Dr  H Wright ,and directly behind him in the white jacketis Mr Milligan the Pit Manager, standing on the left is Mr Cringles from Overtown and 4th along in the front row is Mr Wilson who owned the shop at Waterloo Cross all the Others unnamed


 A well known area in Overtown "Lacobs Ladder" showing  the bridge over the Gillburn

an earlier picture of Jacobs Ladder showing the Brownlie Colliery top right 

 The Garrion Bridge in Days Gone by with the toll house on the left side of the bridge and note the Garriongill colliery top right

 The Garrion Bridge before the new bridge was built

                         Overtown Main St looking towards the top of the Hoarsley Brae 

Picture taken at a Gala Day  in the park that is now Gowkthrapple     Overtown showing some members of the  McGeugh Familly from Waterloo

Miners down Overtown Colliery 

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