A group of youngsters from Bartonhall Row In the front are Wullie Alexander, George Hastie, Joe Coulter, Baby Tom Nelson,Middle, Lilly Marshall, Babs and Maisie Hastie, Next up, Nan Moffat, Jimmy Marshall, Wullie Nelson, John Rintoul, Top Robert Hastie, Photo early 1930s 

Waterloo Primary School, Built 1874,The man in charge of the building was a Mr John Muir, Great Grandfather of Mr William Higgins  of Waterloo, Muir St in Motherwell was named after that Familly, The also owned and lived in the large house known as "Muir House  " at Shields Glen Motherwell, John Muir was Born in Dalserf in 1840,.

The Waterloo Primary School Intake of 1920, The only name known is Peg Higgins , 5th from the left in the back row.  

                                      This is how the School Site looks Now

 Waterloo residents enjoying a day in the park in front of the "Longraw", Standing Owen Fullarton, W Lochart, Charlie Dickson, G Muir, Wull McEwan, FrontTwo Mrs Locharts, Mrs McGeugh, A Dickson, Mrs thomson , Mr Dickson,Two lochart Children , Flora Dockson.

Also enjoying a day in the park at Waterloo , Third along is Phemie McFarlane 4th is James Bradley the other two unknown. 

Waterloo Rangers, in the rear, (unknown), Charlie Dickson, (unknown) Sam Marshall,(Who owned the wool shop at Hugemount Placs)W Lattimer, Centre Bob Johnstone, Others unknown, Off the six Players in front two are McFarlane Brothers Photo Late 1920s.  

The succesfull Waterloo  United Team Who lifted the Barr Cup in the 1931-2 season RearW Fisher (Trainor), W Jackson, (Sec), Neil Quigley, J Smitg , Willie Kelly, (Assistant Trnr),, Seated? Lafferty, W Irvine, Baldy Miller, Willie Train, T Ferns, W Yuille, Lying at the front are W thompson and Jimmy Quinn.

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