Miners at the Stane Colliery Shotts 1890

Stane Pit later on

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Workers at the old Washer and Briquette plant at Waterloo 5th from  left standing J Walker,J Higgins, Joe Reilly,seated second from left, W Higgins, Finlay Higgins The rest are unnamed, when the plant shut down it was made into an Aluminium melting Plant

Some of the Miners at the Fortissat Colliery Shotts

                                                                  Pit ponnies at the Fortissat Colliery

                                           Miners at the Herdshill Colliery Bogside, on the road to Carluke the miners had to pay for their own tools

                                           Miners from one of the Pits in Harthill

A picture of some of the Women Oncost Workers at one of the Collieries in Harthill early 1900s

                                   Oncost Workers Clipping Hutches to an overhead Pulley system

                                                           Miners Drilling to set the Gellegnite charge to bring down the coalface

                      The Camp Colliery Pit Bottom

                                                             This was classed as a good job in the late 1800s,      Oh Boy

                                                               The Winding Gear at the Stane Colliery Shotts

 A view of  Kingshill No 1showing the end of the two mile long Rope Haulage system bringing the hutches from Kingshill No3 Pit

 Looking from Kingshill No3 along the rope haulage System towards Kingshill No 1 at Allanton a distance of Two Miles

          The Final demise of the Berryhill Colliery at Wishaw this site is now the Wishaw General Hospital

                                                                Miners from one of the Wishaw Pits      (unknown)

                            More Miners Colliery Unknown

         To Finish up this is a photo of three Waterloo Miners at the Mine down the old Road to the Law Village in the centre is Davy Hutchison the miner on the left is Mr Cuthill the man on the right is not named

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