Waterloo Cross Looking To Newmains 1908

 A Group from Hugemount Place Waterloo On thr right is Wullie Knox Standing next to him is Mrs Dunlop and Mrs Knox is in yhe Centre The other Two Unknown ,...Late 1830s

A Group of Waterloo women on a Coach Trip in the Party are Mrs Russell, Mrs McGeugh, Mrs Campbell , Mrs Smyllie and Mrs Bradley 

                                                                 A photo of James and his sister Mary McGeugh( Mrs SmYllie)  from wishaw Road Waterloo 

                           Barton Cottage Waterloo, Better known Locally as "Wee Maggies" After Margaret Cleland who ran the Shop, The Piper

                            on the Picture is Mr William Cleland, Phot0 early 1930s 

               This is the same place as above where now a few changes have been made 

                           This is how Waterloo Cross looked at the turn of the Century, looking up towards Bartonhall Row distant left.

                                             And this is how it looks today

 A picture of Golds Land at Waterloo cross taken by Mr Tommy Lumsden Waterloo in 1976 showing Bella Golds Pub on right

                                                             Where Golds Land and Public House once stood


A group of youngsters from the area of Gibsons  and Golds Land at Waterloo Crossin the rear are Davy Wilson, George Wright, and Elenor Tweedlie,In the Centre are the two Wright sisters, Matha McCleary, Tom Kerr, (unknown), Betty Wilson, Young Miss Ohara, G McCleavy,  Johnny Orr, Jack Wilson, Cathie Kerr, James"Jake" Wight, Photo taken 1930 

Mrs Ohara"s Cottage on right the next cottage down belongs to the Scott Familly, The small partition built onto the house was used as a shop this picture was taken looking towards waterloo cross early 1920s 

                                     This is how it now looks

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