Waterloo Page 3

The Group on the Left  are the Higgins Family from 64 Bartonhall Row at a wedding in the Memorial Hall Waterloo 1930s, The Group

on the Right are the Waterloo Bowlers Rear. W  Irvine, ? Tweedlie, ? McNeil, ? Crocket and Charlie Dickson . Seated (unknown)

Kin Tweedlie, (unknown), Picture taken in Memorial Hall Waterloo 1930s

 Christmass Day Party in the Memorial Hall Waterloo, The only Names Known are Rear Mason LyndsayHolding Baby, James Feely, Johnny McGeugh.

Jock Lochart, 2 unknownMiddle 3rd alongW Thompson, Kin Tweedlie, Santa Davy Hutchison, Tom Lang and Daughter, Front Row


A few of the Guests at the wedding of Mary Higgins and Frank Kane  at the recepyion in the Memorial Hall Waterloo  most of the people were relations of Mr William Higgins of Waterloo May McEwan is second right in rear and Findlay Higgins in the Third Row Down to the Left of the Clock

                                                                                                       Photo taken 1936

Workers in the Waterloo Moss stacking Peat Blocks ,, Early 1900s 

The Rolink Familly who Lived in the Moss Cottage Waterloo ,, Jerry Top right is the man who found the Covenanters Body in the Waterloo Moss in 1932

His Father John (Bottom right) was the Man in charg of the Peat Cutting in the Waterloo Moss

A picture of the Workmen at  the Royal George Washer and Briquette plant in Waterloo, The only names known are fifth from right standing, J Walker. J Higgins. Joe Reilly. others unknown,,Seated2nd from left W Higgins, Finlay Higgins, The rest of the group are unknown the new washer was built at Lochviewin later years ,...The Building seen here is now an Aluminium Plant

 Mr Tommy Lumsden from Waterloo looking at the "Bubblyjock" across f rom the Washer in Waterloo, Tommy was the man who took the photo of Golds Land prior to it being demolished in 1876

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