Waterloo Page 2

Looking through Waterloo Cross towards Wishaw  The two storried building on the right is known as Oxford Place abd the Next two storried past that is known as Gibsons Land with Golds Land on the left Photo early 1900s

Waterloo Cross Area as it is today No Oxford p;ace Gibsons Land or Golds Land now just open spaces 

The first post office in the early 1900s on Wishaw Rd Waterloo run by the Russell Familly Waterloo 

                             This is how the post office looked in the 1920s 

 The cottage as it is today, in earlier years this cattage was known as "Soigness House"

This photo was Taken in the early 1930s 

This is how it Looks Today 

 Waterloo Memorial Hall on the Wishaw Rd Waterloo

Not what you call a very good Picture of the Railway Crossing on the Wishaw Rd Waterloo..The Man on the left is Tommy Jones from Overtown Who took on the job as flagman from Mr Tom Bide Mr Shearer Got the Job when Tommy RetiredThe Man in the Centre is Mr Scott from Waterloo 

                                                        No rail crossing, this is how it looks now 

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