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 Picture taken from Rail Bridge on Caledonian Rd Wishaw, looking towards Wishaw

Caledonian Rd Wishaw from Railbridge looking towards Alexander St  now

Andrew Shearer Ex Resident of Waterloo place ,(The Slate Raw) Waterloo, Now Residing in Caledonian Rd Wishaw ...

                                                                         This is how it looks Now ,,,I live four Doors up on Left 

                                         Looking back to the rail bridge on Caledonian Rd from Alexander St on Right 

                                                                                                A few slight changes sinc the last picture

                                                                          Looking up Caledonian Rd towards Wishaw Cross 

                                                                                      How it looks Now

 Picture from Wishaw Cross looking up Kirk Rd early 1900s

Looking back along Kirk Rd from Coltness Rd on rihjt towards Wishaw 

Kirk Rd looking through Wishaw Cross to Caledonian Rd early 1900s 

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Sane as above only a few years later on... 

                                                                A picture of the Glen Mill from the Bridge over the Calder on the Glen Rd Wishaw 

                                                                         And a View from the cleland side looking towards the Bridge 

                                                  Now long gone,,,Site now of Wishaw Golf Course 

                      From Wishaw West cross looking up Wishaw Main St around 1914

      Not allowed on Bridge to take same photo this is from Under Bridge of last Picture

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                                                                                             And now

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