Wishaw P3

                                                               Kennelworth Avenue, How it now looks

An old Picture of the Berryhill Rows from the Rail Bridge on the Glasgow Rd 

                 This picture was taken from Rail Bridge showing the changes that have been made 

Looking Back towards Wishaw from the Heathery Roundabout 

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                                                                                                Slightly Changed 

 From the same Rail Bridge only looking towards Wishaw with the Clydesdale Distillery on Right

                                                                              How the same Area looks today 

                                               On Glasgow Rd looking towards Wihaw west Cross with Cleland Rd on Left 

                                                                                                      And Now 

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                                                               Lower Main St looking towards West Cross 

And pictured from the same spot Now 

                                                                                        Somebody's put railings up 


                                                                                                                And now 

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